FAQs about The Durham Exchange

FAQs about The Durham Exchange

There are a few questions we encounter very often here at The Durham Exchange from people who are looking to book our venue space. So, we wanted to put together a guide for you about the most frequently asked questions about our space. You can also check out our FAQ page here.


How many people can The Durham Exchange hold?

In our main venue space, we can accommodate up to eighty (80) seated guests. Or, for an event like a cocktail-style reception, we can accommodate up to ninety (90) standing guests.

What about vendors?

The Durham Exchange doesn’t have a required vendors list. We do have a list of preferred vendors that you can find here. That said, you are by no means required to hire or use these vendors. We do require that professional vendors have their necessary licenses and insurance. But, other than that, please hire whoever you want!


What is event insurance and why do I need it? Where can I acquire it?

Event insurance covers both you and us if anything goes wrong during your event. Also, if you need to cancel or move your date because of weather or other unforeseen circumstances, event insurance can replace the deposits you’ve paid that you might otherwise lose. Event insurance covers medical expenses if anyone in your party is injured during your event, or if there is any damage to our venue.

We require event insurance for the reasons above. We also require that you provide proof of event insurance fourteen or more days before your event. Event insurance can be purchased through your regular insurance provider, or through websites like EventHelper or WedSafe.


What is the difference between an onsite venue manager and a day-of wedding coordinator?

The onsite venue manager present during your event is hired and paid by The Durham Exchange. They are onsite before your event, throughout your event, and after your event. Onsite venue managers are responsible for anything building-related; for example, if you would like the fans turned on, or need soap, or a sink is clogged, they are there to take care of things like that. Our onsite venue managers are also responsible for setting up and breaking down our tables and chairs. They’re the ones who will flip the room if needed, as well.

A day-of coordinator, however, is someone you hire who is responsible for anything related to the actual event. They manage the timeline, communicate with vendors, decorate, and coordinate setup and cleanup of anything you or your vendors bring into our venue.


Do I really need a day-of coordinator?

The short answer is yes, you do. If you are a member of a wedding party, whether you’re a bride, a groom, a bridesmaid, or a parent of the bride, you cannot do things like run the ceremony, because you’ll be participating in it. Even if you’re very organized and have helped run weddings before, you’ll have enough to do on the day of the wedding no matter what your role in the party that you cannot and should not also run the whole wedding itself.

A coordinator is important for things like coordinating drop-off times for vendors, setting up decorations, and making sure décor and rentals are returned to their owners at the end of the event. 


Can I bring my own caterer and bartender?

Yes, absolutely! The Durham Exchange maintains an open vendor policy. This means that as long as your professional vendors are licensed and insured as they are legally required to be, go ahead and hire them!

Also, if you are more into a potluck-style event, we allow food to be brought premade and served. So, if your Great-Aunt Susie makes amazing meatballs, tell her to bring them on in! Potluck-style catering is covered under your event insurance policy.


What limitations does your venue have?

We have very few limitations here at The Durham Exchange! But here they are:

  • We do not allow glitter or confetti-like substances inside or outside at The Durham Exchange. They’re a mess no matter where they are, and things like rice and birdseed ultimately make even more of a mess.
  • We do not allow kegs or shots at The Durham Exchange. The reason for this is that kegs can scratch our new wood floors, and shots can lead to bigger messes. We do, however, allow liquor.
  • We do not allow Command products or tape on the walls. These things are allowed on the poles. It’s easier to repaint a pole than an entire wall!


What kind of exit can I have?

We love sparklers! If they’re outside, and there’s a bucket of water or sand to put them in after you’re finished with them, please sparkle away into your happily ever after! We also allow glow sticks and streamers, as long as they’re properly disposed of afterwards.


How do I book The Durham Exchange?

If your event is over 90 days away, we require that you sign our contract and pay of half our venue fee. We also require payment of the refundable $500 security deposit.

If your event is less than 90 days away, we require that you sign our contract and pay the full venue fee and security deposit.


Why do you charge a security deposit? Do I get it back?

Requiring you to pay a security deposit means that we’re able to not keep any of your card information on file. If the venue is in normal wear-and-tear condition after your event, your security deposit refund will be issued the Monday immediately following your event. It typically takes 5-10 days for the amount to reflect in your account, depending on your bank.

If for any reason we feel we need to keep part or all of your security deposit, we will explain why and provide documentation of our reasoning.

These are a few of The Durham Exchange’s most frequently asked questions. Please click here to schedule a tour. We can’t wait to meet you!