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Wendy Clark

Welcome to the The John O’Daniel Exchange! Located at 801 Gilbert Street, we provide affordable office space and a community atmosphere for small businesses and non-profits in Durham, NC.

Renovations on the The John O’Daniel Exchange building began in 2007 and the building officially opened in 2009. Once a blighted building in a struggling part of the city, The Exchange has become a unique place where people of varying backgrounds and skill-sets can gather, connect, and impact the surrounding community in a positive way.

Building owner, Wendy Clark, has a strong desire to see revitalization come to North East Central Durham through the development of entrepreneurship and genuine community. Helping others realize their dreams and the steps necessary to fulfilling them has been a hallmark of The Exchange from the very beginning. But the heartbeat of Wendy’s vision has been the desire to facilitate the growth of the “beloved community” by investing in relationships and creating opportunities for those who might otherwise be overlooked.

Wendy firmly believes that if you want to see change in an area, you must be willing to dwell in and be an active part of that change. It’s not a one and done type of thing. It’s the long-term relational investment and willingness to walk alongside others that leads to lasting change and the renewal of a community. We would love to have you join us at the John O’Daniel Exchange!