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The John O’Daniel Exchange is excited to offer a large event space available for rent at a reasonable cost. The room will hold a maximum of 75 people. The room fees and reservation process are listed below and you can email for more information.

Renting Information

Rental Fees

  • $125 per hour


  • Use of tables and chairs (50 padded chairs, 6 6-foot tables)
  • Use of the Audio/Visual system (Media projector with computer input, CD/DVD player, sound system with multiple inputs and wireless mic/lapel options as well as recording)
  • Use of the kitchenette area
  • Use of the wireless network
  • Use of gated parking lot

Reserving the Date

Rental contract MUST be signed within seven (7) days of reserving the date with the building manager. The Exchange requires a rental contract to honor the reserved date; if no contract is signed, the date can be opened up to other individuals.

Security Deposit

To reserve the multipurpose room at The John O’Daniel Exchange, a security deposit is
required the same day the rental agreement is signed. We accept cash, certified checks, or
money orders. Checks should be made payable to “The John O’ Daniel Exchange” with
“MP rental” in the memo line. The security deposit amounts are listed below:

  • Half-Day – $150.00 + 50% rental fee
  • Full-Day – $150.00 + 50% rental fee


Renting Policies

Building Cleaning and Closing

The multi-purpose room must be thoroughly cleaned and it will be inspected. The building
and gates must be properly closed and locked after each event. If the following processes
are not completed, a portion of and potentially all of the security deposit will be kept by
the management.

  • All A/V equipment turned off and securely stored
  • Kitchen items put away; all kitchen surfaces wiped down.
  • Trash and recycling should be taken to the dumpster. Liners should be replaced
  • Table surfaces cleaned
  • Floors vacuumed and/or swept. *An additional fee will be charged if the carpet needs to be steam cleaned due to stains after an event: $150 for the whole room and $50 and up for stain removal in one area.
  • Building closing procedures must be followed. (Process will be detailed on the confirmation sheet).


  • The entire security deposit will be refunded within one (1) week after the event, barring any damage to the room, A/V equipment, fixtures, and if the cleaning and building closing process has been completed correctly.
  • If you chose to cancel your event one month prior to the date of the event, 75% of your security deposit will be returned.
  • If you chose to cancel your event two weeks prior to the date of the event, 50% of your security deposit will be returned.
  • If you chose to cancel your event one week prior to the date of the event, 25% of your security deposit will be returned.
  • Any cancellations less than 7 days prior to your event, will result in the forfeiture of the entire security deposit.

Other Items

We do not allow alcohol in the building for rental events except by special permission and only with a valid ABC permit.

The Exchange has the right to revoke or refuse permission for the use of the multi-purpose room at any time or for any reason.